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    Invoices Manager

    This section contains the invoices issued by the company.

    There is an invoice file for each company.

    In addition to the general maintenance options, the following special features are also available:

    Maintenance screen:


    ACCESS: You will be able to access records using the following fields:

    • Invoice number (serial and number)
    • Invoice date (in descending order to show the last invoices issued)
    • Customer name

    In Add Invoices , the QINVOICING management software automatically generates the receipts corresponding to the invoice according to the payment terms for the invoice (by default, the one for the customer) and the payment days for the customer. Receipts are generated as collected on the invoice date if the Collected field on the Receipts tab is checked (useful for cash sales).

    In Edit Invoice , if the change affects the receipt (change in the amount, payment terms, date, etc.), then the receipt will be automatically changed whenever there is only one receipt, this receipt is not collected and it is not included in any bank remittance. In all other cases, the receipts should be changed manually.

    Collect button: This directly accesses the first pending receipt invoice. Press the F4 key or double-click on the collection date field to access the calendar.

    Credit button: This automatically generates a new credit invoice as the selected one, but negative (credit). The credit invoice series is specified by the maintenance company.

    Customer suite button: This accesses the customer suite of the selected invoice.

    Amount button: This allows you to search by amount, selecting invoices in which the selection field (total, bases, discount amount, etc.) is between the values you specify.

    Substring button: This allows you to search by substring, selecting invoices in which the selection field (descriptions, footnote, customer reference, product description or names or product code) contains a specific character string in any position.


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