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    Tax Classes manager

    This section contains the purchase and sales tax classes.
    There is a tax class file for each company.

    IMPORTANT: The companies that use the product file of another company must add the same tax class codes as the company that owns the file, although the percentages applied may be different in each company.

    The operation is as follows: whenever a product is added, the sales tax (collected) class code and the purchase tax (paid) class code are assigned. When the product is invoiced or purchased, the % tax and % tax 2 (in companies that have this) will be taken from the tax class code of the current company.

    Example: Company A00 has a product with collected tax class 1 which is 16% tax.
    Company B00 uses the product file of company A00, but only handles exports and therefore has no tax. In company B00, tax class code 1 will be 0% tax.

    The following special features are available, in addition to the general maintenance options:

    Maintenance screen:
    ACCESS: You will be able to access records using the following fields:

    - Code
    - Description


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