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    This section contains the invoice receipts.

    There is a receipt file for each company. The receipts are accessed in the maintenance of each invoice.

    Receipt number. The value of this field is unique to the whole file. A record with an existing code cannot be added in the Add option. These codes can be numbered automatically. Refer to Numbering.

    edit invoices

    Collected field. This box is displayed only when adding invoices. Enable this box to indicate that the invoice has already been collected. The program will generate the receipts as collected. This field is enabled by default if the Collected Invoices field is checked as default in Settings --> Preferences.

    Receipts are automatically generated when an invoice is added. The number, amount, type and due date of receipts depend on the payment terms of the invoice (by default, the customer's) and the customer's payment days.

    Once generated, these can be changed, deleted and regenerated by go to Edit for invoices and selecting the Receipt tab. The available options are:

    Generate button: This generates new receipts based on the customer's payment terms and payment days. This option does not delete any existing receipts.

    Account button: This allows you to add the customer's bank account to the selected receipt.

    Add button: This allows you to add a new blank receipt, automatically calculating the amount as total invoice - already existing receipts. You can change the receipt fields manually.

    Delete button: This deletes the receipt selected.

    Print button: This prints the receipt.


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