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    Commission Schedule File Fields

    Detail screen:

    add commission


    Code. The value of this field is unique to the whole file. A record with an existing code cannot be added in the Add option.

    Commission type:

    % of amount: This is the % specified on the sales amount (sales price - discounts) is applied.

    Fixed amount on units: The fixed amount specified is applied to each unit sold.

    % of profit margin: This is the specified % of the sales margin (sales price - discounts - cost price of product or service). The cost price is the one assigned internally in the invoice or packing slip (by default, the purchase price of the product) when it is created or changed. To display or change this cost price on packing slips and invoices, you should enable the Display Product Cost field for preferences of the Settings menu.

    These three types of schedules allow exceptions .

    An infinite number of exceptions can be defined in each commission schedule. There are three types of exceptions to a commission schedule: % amount, % margin or fixed amount and applied to a specific rate or all rates, to a specific category of one rate or all rates or to a specific product of one rate or all rates.

    When the commissions are calculated, the exceptions are considered in the following order:
    1. General rate conditions
    2. Exceptions for all rates and for the category
    3. Exceptions for all rates and for the product
    4. Exceptions for the invoice rate or packing slip
    5. Exceptions for the invoice rate or packing slip and for the category
    6. Exceptions for the invoice rate or packing slip and for the product

    % by bracket: The % indicated is applied by the sales volume. These volumes and the percentages are defined in the schedule. The % can be applied to the entire sales amount or only the section.

    This commission type does not allow exceptions in the rate, category or products, since it is a commission approach based on overall sales results.

    commission schedules

    For instance, you may define a bracket from 1 to 3000 with a 10% commission and a second bracket from 3001 to 6000 with a 20% commission.
    Assuming the sales rep has made sales in the amount of 5000, if the table indicates that this is calculated only using the bracket, the program will calculate: 10% of 3000 and 20% of the part in the second bracket: 5000 - 3000 = 2000. As a result, the commission will be: 300 + 400 = 700.
    If it is not indicated that this is applied only to the bracket, then the program will use the % for the sales volume bracket and apply it to everything. In this case, the calculation will be 20% of 5000 = 1000.

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