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    Promotion File Fields


    Effective period : Start date and end date. The program applies the promotion when the date of the order, packing slip or invoice is within this period. The start and end dates are included in the period.

    Promotion types:

    Giveaway: This is applied to a specific product. Once the number of units indicated is sold, then the units of the giveaway product are given away. This may be the same product or another one. In this type of promotion, the program automatically inserts a detail line on the orders, packing slips or invoices with the units, the giveaway product, price = 0 and promotion type = 'R' (giveaway) whenever a new line is generated with the promotion product (this does not happen if a line with the promotion product is changed).

    The number of units to be given away is calculated as follows: units to be given away = units sold / promotion units. The whole number is taken from this quantity. Example: If the promotion indicates that the customer receives a free case of beer when 10 cases of beer are sold, then when 23 cases of beer are sold, 2 boxes will be given away for free.

    Discount: The discount can be applied to a product, a category or all products. In this type of promotion, the program calculates the discount indicated in the detail line on orders, packing slips or invoices and puts the promotion type = 'D' (discount). If the product already has a discount in the product file, this is not applied. Only the promotion discount is applied.

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