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    Promotions Manager

    promotions manager

    What this is: The promotion system allows you to automatically apply discounts or giveaways when selling a product within a specific period. This is used for sales periods, promotional campaigns, etc.

    How to activate it: The promotions system is enabled in Preferences on the Settings menu.


    Check the Enable Promotions box on the Invoices tab.


    Once enabled, promotion maintenance appears on the Files menu and the detail lines for orders, packing slips and invoices show an information column with the type of promotion applied (blank when no promotion has been applied).

    How it works: These periods are defined in the promotion file by indicating the promotion type (discount or giveaway) and the scope of application (product, group or all). Once defined, the program applies the promotion when entering orders, packing slips or invoices. When a detail line is entered, it searches for and automatically applies any promotions that exist for the product on the date.

    Promotion application order :

    Overlapping promotions of the same kind in the same period are not allowed. For example, there cannot be two promotions for the same product in the same period. However, for the same period there can be a global promotion applied to everything, one applied to a category and another applied to a specific product.

    If there are several promotions on the same date, it is never possible to use more than one. The program uses the following, in this order:

    1. If there is a giveaway promotion and there is a match with the units sold, the giveaway is applied. If the giveaway is not applicable because of the units sold, but there is a discount promotion, then the discount is applied.
    2. If there is a discount promotion applicable to all products and one applied to the category, then the program will use the category discount.
    3. If there is a discount promotion applicable to all products, one applied to the category and one applied to the product, then the program will use the product discount.

    This allows you to indicate a global discount for all products and change them in a specific category or product.


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