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    Prospects Manager

    prospects manager

    This section contains data on the company's prospects. The option is used for business follow-up. You can establish groups and keep a history of business follow-up using the Notes field.

    You can also send e-mails using the module for e-mailing or personalized letters, generating dBASE files with the user-defined list module and combining correspondence with MS Word or other word processors.

    There is a prospect file for each company.

    In addition to the general maintenance options, the following special features are also available:

    Maintenance screen:

    ACCESS: You will be able to access records using the following fields:

    • Prospect code
    • Name
    • Tax ID
    • E-mail
    • Prospect group

    Send E-mail button. The mail program installed by default (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) is enabled with a new message that includes the prospect's e-mail address. You can use this option to write a message and send it.

    Go to Website button. If an Internet connection is enabled, the browser installed by default (Explorer, Firefox, etc.) will be enabled with the address of the prospect's website.

    Find Substring button. This process allows you to search for a prospect by name, legal name, contact, address, city or town, e-mail address or website, selecting all customers with a specific substring in the search field. For example, if you search by address and enter the word 'Avenue' in the search string, all addresses that contain this string will be displayed.

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