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    E-mail templates

    The file contains templates mail templates mail (subject and text) in the different languages which are used to automatically send e-mails to our customers and suppliers.
    According to what has been established in Configuration-> E-mail, to send a document via e-mail (budgets, invoices or orders), a template is selected depending on the language of the recipient. The case and the message are taken by default but this template can be modified or added text on each e-mail.
    This file is common for all firms and is used to automate the sending of e-mails with budgets, orders and invoices using templates in the language of each recipient.

    Screen detail:


    The template code. It is an alphanumeric field. There may be several templates with the same name if they have a different language.

    Code language. Along with the template document identifies. When you are not using language in their shipments can create one template for each type of shipment (one for sending invoices, budgets and the other for sending another to send orders to suppliers) with the language code blank.

    If you want to send e-mail in HTML format check the field "HTML format and copy the HTML code in the text from your HTML editor. If the e-mail containing images or logos, remember, which should aim for a picture accessible from the Internet (for example on his website), and that unless the recipient may not see them.



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