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    osCommerce Order Collection

    This process collects the customer data and its orders by automatically including them in the QINVOICING management software files.


    The program checks the processed (downloaded) orders, such that only orders pending to be processed can be selected.

    The orders to be downloaded can also be selected by date; in this case, all the ones selected will be downloaded, regardless of whether they have been downloaded before or not.

    If your shop already contains data, the installation process marks all the orders as downloaded since it is possible to have old orders stored in the shop that you do not want to download in the current year. If you want to download all of them, you must select them by date.

    Select the orders to be shown (pending or from date) and press View Orders. The program processes existing orders in your shop and displays the ones requested. Once shown, the button to add orders is enabled.


    Pressing the Add Orders button to start adding.

    The addition process performs the following tasks:

    It first checks that the customer exists, using the Tax ID or by default, the e-mail. If the customer does not exist, it must be added to the customer file. If it already exists, this is changed by updating the following data:

    The order is inserted into the order file, leaving it ready for transfer to packing slips or invoices.

    The program recalculates the order and checks that it matches the total of the order issued in the shop. If they do not match, a warning of the difference is placed in the log. This may be because calculations with many decimal places have been rounded, the tax was not applied to the shipping costs, the products have been set up as delivered, the existing customer has the tax-exempt box checked or not, etc. Keep and review the log to identify and correct the causes for the discrepancies.


    Once included, the orders are marked as transferred.

    During the addition process, a log is written with all the process details. To set up the program to warn you interactively with a message for each relevant detail as it is processing, check the Interactive Messages when Downloading Orders box in the General tab of settings.


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