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    What's new in version 10

    Version 10 contains significant improvements and new features, most of which have been suggestions from users of the program. Highlights:

    • Add the DUPLICATE button all maintenance. Allows generate a new record any files (articles, customers, budgets, receipts, invoices, purchases, etc.) by duplicating an existing record.

    • New button automatic send via e-mail orders to suppliers, budgets and invoicing in electronic format (PDF). New file templates email to be able to configure the e-mails that are sent. Ability to select the templates automatically e-mail depending on the language of the customer or supplier who is sent.

    • Optimizing network traffic. New installation system of the network programme which increases the speed of operation, dramatically reducing network traffic.

    • Printing labels products for stock, for delivery notes and for purchase invoices. Ability to design the format label printing products including bar code, serial number, etc…

    • Trained print orders to suppliers : Add reference field of the supplier of each item line detail.

    • Designer forms : Added background colour to fields and lines. Added key [ Del ] to put controls invisible. Together rounded rectangles and ellipses. New formats for designing tickets sale

    • Features POS (POS Point of sale) Screen for calculating the change in sales charges and open the cash drawer of the cash register. Selecting printer tickets for default

    • Products: Added 4 photos more. Transfer to osCommerce the new photos for contributions that support more than one photo (MorePics, etc…) Added field for state rule to control the assets or products outside catalogue

    • Product maintenance : can configure the content and size of the columns of the data grid maintenance. Ability to activate products filters for assets that it is not showing products outside catalogue

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