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    Currency File Fields

    Detail screen:

    edit currencies


    Currency code: The value of this field is unique to the whole file. A record with an existing code cannot be added in Additions. If you need to add a currency, then it is important to use the ISO 4217 codes which are used to find exchange rates in the Internet automatically .

    Active Currency: Since you will not use all the currencies of all countries, you should usually only mark the active currencies you will use on a regular base, accessing them by using the active currency filter of the currency maintenance screen.

    Number of decimal places: This is the number of decimal places used by the program to show amounts in this currency.

    Type (masculine or feminine): This is used in the functions that convert amounts to words when the language you use includes this concept (for instance, in Spanish, two hundred would have to use the feminine ending and two hundred euros would have to use the masculine ending).



    The exchange rates with other currencies can be defined for each currency.
    These exchange rates are those used by the program to make the calculations among various currencies.

    add currency

    - Add: Press this button to add the currency exchange with respect to the one being edited.
    - Edit: Press this button to modify an existing change.
    - Delete: Press this button to delete the selected change.
    - View: Press this button to see the details of the change.

    The exchange detail screen is used to define the exchange rate and the date to be used as a reference in regard to when the change was updated for the last time.

    If you have Internet access, the respective exchange rate can be automatically displayed by pressing the Find Exchange Rate in Internet button. The program will search the Internet for the exchange rate between the two currencies and will display it in your browser.

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