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    Currencies Manager

    This file contains the ISO 4217 currencies used in major countries.

    Exchange rates in effect for each currency with the other currencies can be defined.

    The currencies used by the program are defined at the company level. Each company has the main currency and the second currency defined (which can be changed at any time in the company maintenance).

    Using the company currencies and the exchange rates defined in the currency file, the program can calculate and print the totals for orders, packing slips or shipping documents and invoices in the second currency . For example, an invoice in euros can automatically include its equivalence in dollars by simply adding the Total in Second Currency field in the invoice design.

    You can also print the entire invoice in the second currency (you only need to check the Print in Second Invoice Currency option).

    When calculating statistics, the currencies of various companies can be unified , calculating and showing the results in the currency of the active company by simply checking the Unify Currencies field.

    Maintenance screen:

    currency maintenance

    In addition to the general maintenance options, the following characteristics are also available:

    ACCESS: You will be able to access records using the following fields:

    - Currency code
    - Currency name

    Filter Active Currencies. If this box is checked, only the currencies with the Active Currency field checked will be displayed.

    Usually, only the currencies used by the company are active currencies. These currencies can be accessed using the Filter Active Currencies filter.


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