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    Sales Rep Payments

    This option displays a list of commissions applied to sales reps based on the commission schedules (Files --> Commission Schedules) of one or more companies that share files. This lists can be selected by:

    - Date
    - Sales rep

    and can be sorted by:

    - Invoice date
    - Invoice number
    - Customer code

    There is an option for the list to be issued come with the respective taxes already included in the total.

    Depending on the sales rep's commission schedule and the exceptions it contains, the payments will be calculated and detailed at the invoice level or the product level on each invoice.

    For example, if the sales rep has a commission schedule with a % rate calculated using the amount with no exceptions, then the payment will be calculated by applying this to each invoice. If you enter an exception for a product (for instance, because it has another % rate) into the table, then this rate will be used in the calculation of each product on each invoice.

    Enter the selection parameters from the list.

    Remember that in fields that select file data, you may press the F4 key or the Find button to access the search screen that lets you select file data.

    Once the parameters are completed, press the List button.

    A list preview will be displayed on the screen along with zoom and scrolling options by list page.

    You can print the entire list on your system's default printer or print by selecting the pages and the printer where you want to send the list.

    The Save as PDF and RTF button lets you save the list in PDF format (which cannot be changed) and RTF format (which can be changed in a text editor).


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