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    List Customization Screen

    user-defined list: list customization

    This screen allows you to set up and change the list appearance. This can only be accessed if the List mode has been previously selected on the output selection screen.

    This screen allows you to do the following: (To change the data inside the grid, check the field and click on it or write the new data directly on the checked field.)

    • Change the strings for each column on the list.

    • Determine the width of the list columns.

    • Number of decimal places for numeric columns.

    • Change the list title.

    • Add strings to the subtotals (if there are any on the totaling screen).

    • Print the filter strings; numbers on the list header all the filters, putting the maximums and minimums used in the screen of filter selection.

    • Sort strings; this prints on the list header any fields selected in the list sort screen (prints the name of fields used to sort the data).

    • Set up the paper orientation (vertical, default and landscape, horizontal list).

    • Select the font size.

    Once the list personalized, press the Generate button to preview the list.

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