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    Data Filter Selection Screen

    This screen allows you to filter the data using maximum and minimum values for each file field. This window displays all the fields belonging to the previously selected file (see file selection) and all those related to it.

    To enter a filter, place the cursor on the field and press the Filter button or double-click on the field. A window to enter the maximum and minimum values for this field will be displayed.

    user-defined list: filter selection

    Press the Find button to view and select the different values existing in the field to be filtered in the inquiry file. You may also write the values manually.

    It is not necessary for the filtered element to have been selected in the window of field selection.

    Example: If you want to list the invoices for customer 3 from a particular year, add a filter in the customer code field with minimum value = 3 and maximum value = 3 and another filter in the invoice date field with a minimum value of 01/01/2007 and a maximum value of 12/31/2007. Save the list.

    When the list is run, the program will ask you for these values and therefore, you can use the same format to list invoices for another customer or from other periods.  

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