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    Field Selection Screen

    user-defined list: field selection

    In the left window you may select the fields you want to include in the list format or the resulting file (by double-clicking or checking it and pressing the buttons with arrows). This window displays all the fields belonging to the previously selected file (see file selection) and all those related to it.

    Example: If you have selected the packing slip file on the file selection screen, then the left window of this screen will display and provide access to all the data for:

    • packing slips
    • customers
    • delivery address
    • Customer group
    • shipper
    • sales rep

    The selected fields are displayed in the right window and the display order in the list is determined. The upper position corresponds to the first column of the list being set up. When the numbers of the "Position" column are modified, the order in which the columns appear in the list are obtained (checking and directly writing the number in the respective box). The order in which they are selected will be the order of appearance in the list or output file. To eliminate the fields selected, double-click on the field or check it and press the buttons with arrows.

    Example: If a field has position 60 and you want to put it between positions 10 and 20, then change 60 to any number between 10 and 20 (11 to 19). You should always leave space in order to add any fields you might want later.



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