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    Product transaction list by serial number


    This list is available only if you have enabled "Serial Numbers" Settings -> Preferences-> Invoice

    Show a listing of the movement of purchases and sales of a particular serial number.

    Serial numbers are unique for each unit of a product and kept in column number detail files packing slip and purchase invoices and packing slip and invoices of sales.

    List the date, the product code, the type of movement, the warehouse, the description of the movement and units corresponding to the movements of the serial number requested.

    Is selected by serial number.

    Enter the selection parameters from the list.

    Remember that in fields that select file data, you may press the F4 key or the Find button to access the search screen that lets you select file data.

    Once the parameters are completed, press the List button.

    A list preview will be displayed on the screen along with zoom and scrolling options by list page.

    You can print the entire list on your system's default printer or print by selecting the pages and the printer where you want to send the list.

    The Save as PDF and RTF button lets you save the list in PDF format (which cannot be changed) and RTF format (which can be changed in a text editor).


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