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    Print Packing Slips

    This option selects the packing slip range to be printed by packing slip number.

    The default number of copies and print format are taken from the settings of the company. If not indicated, this will be printed on the standard form for packing slips.

    The program will use these parameters when printing the packing slips, except for customers with a specific number of copies or print format. In this case, it uses the format and copies indicated for the customer.

    The printing sequence is as follows: first all originals, followed by the copies.

    Packing slips are previewed on the screen, except when there are packing slips with different print formats, in which case the program will ask you for confirmation to send them directly to the printer.

    If you have the shipping documentation enabled in Settings --> Preferences the shipper's packing slips and the labels for the packing slip packages that have the Print Shipper Documentation box checked will then be printed. The number of packing slip copies for the shipper and the print formats of the packing slip for the shipper and the labels will be those assigned in the settings for the company.

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