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    Invoicing by Template

    invoicing by templates


    This process issues an invoice for each customer that has been assigned a template from the template range selected. The invoice data are copied from the template.

    When the Recalculate field is checked, the template is recalculated with the amounts in effect for the products or services.

    Issued invoices are saved with the series numbering and date indicated and are automatically printed once they are issued, if indicated.

    Template invoicing is very useful in case where a fixed amount is invoiced every month, quarter, etc., to the customer in the form of service contracts, etc.

    Example : A school collects a monthly payment of 150 euros from its students for the current school year. Invoicing template #1 would be created with this amount. Each customer (student) would be assigned template number 1.

    Every month, the invoicing process by templates would be run to automatically generate an invoice in this amount for each student.

    If a student quits in the middle of the school year, then the customer invoicing template only needs to be removed for this student by setting the template to 0 so the next process no longer generates an invoice.

    You can have several templates based on the fixed invoice types you need, but if there are many different combinations or regular payments, then the best approach is to use invoicing by regular payments.


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