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    Product labels by purchase invoice


    This option prints the labels products of the invoice of purchase.

    Select the invoices of purchase of which it wants to print labels by number of purchase

    The field "only labels with auto-generated serial numbers" only appears if has activated the function “Numbers of series "in Settings -> Preferences -> Eyelash invoicing. If this field is marked, only there will be printed labels of the articles which number of series has generated the program QINVOICING, that is to say those who have in the card of the article the field "generate number of series " marked. This option serves to label the products with own numbers of series that generates automatically the program on having added the packing slip. The numbers of series are unique for every unit of the product.

    The number of labels and the printing format for fault they take of what has been indicated in the configuration of the company. If they have not been indicated, they are printed on the standard format of labels.

    The program will print a label for every unit that consists in the invoice, that is to say if in the invoice there are 5 units of the product A and 2 of the product B, 5 labels of the article will be printed A and 2 of the product B.




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