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    Statistics Chart for invoicing according to month

    This shows the chart with the invoicing data selected on the request screen.

    Available options:

    Chart type: Bar chart or line chart.

    Show Total (displays the chart with the total amount) or Base (displays the chart with the taxable bases, not including taxes).

    Show Values: When selected, this displays the values of each point of the chart. Uncheck if you do not want to display them.

    Company Detail: If the statistics contain data from various companies, check this control to view the detail of each company along with the total of all companies.

    Update button: This updates the chart with the options specified.

    Print button: This prints the chart.

    Chart Move buttons (red arrows): These move the chart. You can move the chart with the mouse by clicking the right button on the chart and dragging it in the direction desired.

    Zoom buttons: Press these buttons to enlarge or shrink the chart. A specific area can be enlarged with the mouse. Draw the area by clicking and dragging with the left button. When released, the selected area is enlarged.

    Rotational speed: This control changes the perspective of the chart.

    2D/3D: Use this control to adjust the 3D feature of the chart.


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