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    Error Messages

    These are some of the most common error messages, along with their meaning:

    Message: This is not a valid floating comma value.

    Definition: Alphabetical data or blank spaces have been entered in a numeric code.
    Action: Change the field value.

    If you have inventory control enabled, then it may indicate that the inventory file has damaged indexes or is not correctly set up:
    1. Optimize the database (Utilities-> Optimize Database)
    2. Recalculate the company inventory (Utilities --> Recalculate Inventory)

    Definition: MS Windows uses a comma or a period to separate the decimal places, depending on the country used in the regional settings. The setting in QINVOICING may not coincide with the MS Windows settings.
    Action: Change the number format setting in Windows.

    Message: Table is busy.

    Definition: The program has attempted to open a file in exclusive mode and this file is being used in the system.
    Action: If you are working in a network, make sure there are no other users using the program before you try the process again.
    If you are working as a single user, then the file may be locked in the system (MS Windows) because the application terminated abnormally. Restart MS Windows.

    The program finds no records.

    Definition: In maintenance, the program does not find existing records or does not display them.
    The indexes may be damaged if the program is abnormally terminated or MS Windows freezes.
    Action: Optimize the database (Utilities --> Optimize Database).

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