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    company maintenance


    ADD allows a new company to be created. Once the company is created, the screen to copy master files from an existing company is displayed. This is the key to close financial years (periods) of a company and open another financial year with all the master files of the old one and the initial inventory (if the company has it enabled), but with empty invoice, purchase, cost, packing slip and order files ready for the new year. If you want, you can use the numbering (invoices, purchases, etc.) of the previous year (copy numbering also) or start from 0 with other numberings.

    DELETE All company files checked in the list will be deleted and recovery will not be possible. You will always be prompted to confirm whether or not you want to delete the company.

    EDIT allows you to make changes to a COMPANY already created (such as enable inventory control, tax 2, etc.).

    VIEW lets you view all the data for the company you have, but not to change any data. Double-click with the mouse on the company name to open the VIEW option.

    CLOSE CURRENT. This option closes the active company.

    OPEN. This option closes the selected company.


    How to create a company with the data from another company

    The QINVOICING management software works with companies. Depending on your needs or preferences, you can use the idea of "company" to mean different concepts:

    - Activity of various actual physical companies For example, Supplies PLC and John Doe Corp. In this case, each company will have its own customers, products and suppliers and will be completely independent.

    - Activity of an actual physical company in different periods: for example, E00 would contain the invoicing for 2007 and E01 would contain the invoicing for 2008 for the same physical company. These periods do not necessarily have to be one year. These can correspond to two years, three years or include all invoices ever issued in the same company. When a company is added in order to continue with a new period for an existing company, QINVOICING allows you to copy the data from the master files (Customers, Products, Suppliers, Banks, Current Inventory, etc.) of the company being closed (the one for the previous period), such that once the data are copied, the two companies run separately.

    - Activity of an actual physical company divided into different invoicing series corresponding to different activities or departments, but from the same invoicing period: for example, company A00 would correspond to invoicing series A (national invoices) and company B00 would correspond to invoicing series B (tax-free export invoices). In this case, QINVOICING allows you to use the master files (customers, products, suppliers) of another company such that company A00 would have these files and company B00 would not, using those of company A00 instead. Although the process is transparent to the user, whenever any change is made in these files from company B00, it is actually done in the files of company A00 since company B00 does not have them and uses those of A00.

    Throughout the manual, we refer to the company that owns the files when a company has its own master files (does not use those of another company).

    The most usual approach to have the last two cases together, which would give you companies A00 and B00 to represent two different invoicing series corresponding to the year 2007, of which A00 would the owner of the master files and B00 would use the files of A00.

    add company

    When the period changes, copy the master files from A00 to A01 (indicating this on the screen displayed immediately after the company is added).

    add data from

    Indicate that B01 uses A01's files

    add company

    and then copy the remaining data from B00 to B01.

    add data from

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