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    Message Screen

    edit customers

    This screen contains the sender information, subject and the message itself.

    By default, the sender data is taken from the data in the Internet section of Preferences and saved there if the Default box is selected.

    The messages are sent in plain text format, unless the HTML box is checked. In this case, copy the complete text of the HTML file you want to send, including all tags from <html> to </html>.

    Substitution codes:

    You should put ##REF## in the message so the program can replace it with an e-mailing reference in the format of rr/TTTTnnnnn (rr = message number, TTTT = recipient type, nnnnn = recipient code). For example, 120/PROS2345 indicates that the e-mail is from e-mail batch 120 and corresponds to prospect 2345. This reference is useful to process messages returned for address change, etc.

    Include ##EMA## in the message so the program substitutes it with the recipient's e-mail. This can be used to prepare a process to delete recipients from the e-mail list, etc.

    Once the message data are filled in, press Send. Remember that you must be connected to the Internet to send the e-mail. The program will send an e-mail to each recipient selected to whom it has not yet been sent.

    Whenever an e-mail is sent to a recipient, the program marks it with the date and time sent. If the Internet connection gets disconnected for any reason, then press Send again to finish the mailing without repeating the ones already sent.

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