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    Form Designer


    The designer can be used to visually change the format of packing slips, invoices, receipts and orders.
    See an example of a step by step invoice design.



    FORMAT MENU: this contains the following sections:

    • New: This loads a standard format into the form designer. Once changed, you will need to save it by assigning it a file name.
    • Open format: This loads an existing form into the designer.
    • Save: This option saves the loaded format.
    • Save as: This saves the loaded format under another name.

    RECOVERY MENU: This contains all deleted (non-visible) components. When one is selected, it is added back to the design.

    TEST MENU: This allows you to test the design you are making to see how it looks.

    PAPER MENU: This allows you to set up the paper size and margins.

    There are four types of components in a format:

    • Text controls : This option contains fixed text. For example, "Invoice number:"
    • Field controls: these fields will be substituted with the value of the data in the file.
      For example, CUSTOMER --> NAME will be replaced with the customer's name.
    • Lines and tables
    • Images . Image files must be in .bmp or .ico format.

    The design of invoices, packing slips and orders is divided into three sections: invoice header band, detail band and footer band.

    invoice order

    The band size can be changed. A menu appears when you press the right button above one of them. Choose Band Properties.

    The following should be taken into account:

    • The detail band corresponds to a detail line; when its size is changed, the size of each detail line is changed on the invoice changed.
    • When printing, the program subtracts the top and bottom margins, as well as the header band size and footer band size from the paper size. The available area for detail lines is the remaining area. Increasing or decreasing the paper size and header and footer bands will decrease or increase the number of detail lines that fit on one page.

    To change the properties of a control, place the cursor on top, select it by clicking on the mouse and then double-click with the mouse.

    To change the place or size of a control, place the cursor on top and select by clicking the mouse. Once selected, you can drag and change the size using the mouse.

    To change a band field (from invoice header to footer, or vice versa), use the field properties screen. In the band section, select the desired option (header or footer) from the menu. When the Save button is pressed, the field is placed in the upper part of the selected band.

    To edit all the properties (font, color, justification, size, text, visible, etc.) once the control is selected, double-click with the mouse to go directly to the properties screen or click the right button to access a popup menu where you may:

    • Send the control backward or forward. This is used to be able to select controls that are below others (fields or text inside a rectangle, etc.).
    • Edit the control properties.

    To delete a format control, remove the visible property. The control will disappear from the format and be placed on the Retrieve menu. You can recover this by using the Retrieve option of the menu.

    Condition the fields: Some fields may depend on the value of other fields. For example, you can condition the text that puts 'WITHHOLD:' so the withholding amount is greater than 0. Therefore, this text will only be printed on invoices that have withholding. You can also add a text that says 'CREDIT' and assign a condition that the invoice total must be less than 0.

    To add text, lines or images in a band, press the right button of the mouse in the band area where you want to insert it from the band. A menu will be displayed to add text, lines or images or to edit the band properties.


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