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    Record Detail

    This option shows all the record fields. These fields can only be updated through the Add and Edit buttons on the maintenance window. In the View option, the fields are protected and can only be displayed, but not changed.

    edit invoices

    Available options:

    - Previous Record button: This displays the previous record, using the order selected on the maintenance screen.

    - Next Record button: This displays the next (following) record, using the order selected on the maintenance screen.

    - Save button: This is only available in additions and edits. This option is enabled once the required fields have been completed. It saves the record after checking the data as needed.

    - Exit button: This closes the window. In additions and edits, it will warn you that any data changes that might have been made will be lost.

    - Help button: AThis gives you access to specific help for the window.


    Calendar for date fields

    In Add and Edit, you can double-click or press F4 on date fields to display a calendar and select the desired date.



    Access to other files

    In Add and Edit, fields that have content related to another file (e.g., customer group in the customer file) will allow you to access a search window by pressing the Find button (next to each field) or the F4 key. This window can be used to access the maintenance for the secondary file (to add or edit).

    edit invoices



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