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    Backup Copies



    "There are two types of computer users-those who have experienced hard drive failure and those who will."

    This statement is absolutely true. Therefore, you MUST MAKE REGULAR BACKUP COPIES of all your data, particularly the program data.
    Be careful: Remember that backup media can also fail. For example, if you do daily copies, keep several sets and make copies on the oldest set so that if one fails, you can always use another and will have only lost one day of information!

    Based on the current capacity of hard drives, copies should be made to a large-capacity storage system such as CD-ROM, DVD, external hard drives, streamers, zip drives, pen drives, etc.

    Diskette copies are not recommended, since even when the data are zipped, various diskettes are needed to hold the copies and at the critical point of data restoration, some diskettes always fail and make it impossible to restore the data.

    You can also run the Copies option by running QINVOICING.EXE with the COPY parameter from Home --> Run:
    The program and all data are in the folder where they were installed (default: C\QINVOICING). The copy process will also zip all files in this folder in .zip format.

    - Copy type for large media (CD, hard disks, etc.):

    This option generates an executable, self-decompressing application file (COPQINVOICING.EXE) that contains all the programs and data in the program folder. This file is generated in the zip temporary folder (by default C:\QINVOICINGCOP). You should then copy this file to the copy medium (CD, DVD, hard disk, zip drives, pen drives, streamer, etc.).

    To recover the backup copy, you need to copy the copQINVOICING.exe file onto the computer and run it. The program is unzipped into the folder indicated when you press the Start button.


    Note: If you make copies onto CDs, always use this copy system. Otherwise, if you copy the program folder without zipping, when the CD-ROM is closed, all the files are marked with the "read only" property and once restored, cannot be used in the system until you manually change the "read only" attributes of all the application files.

    - Copy onto 1.44 Mb diskettes:

    As mentioned earlier, this system is not recommended, although it is better than not making any copies at all.

    A .zip compressed file is generated. The program prompts the user to insert the diskettes needed to save the data. The diskettes must first be formatted and empty.
    To recover the copies, you need a .zip decompressor such as WINZIP or WINRAR. Most are shareware and can be downloaded from the Internet.


    To recover backup copies on the same computer or on a different one, refer to the instructions in the FAQs.


    Send the copy to the technical service

    This option must be executed when the QSOFT technical service ask for.

    Mark the check box “Send copy to the technical service” and put the name of your company. Next, presses the button “Make a copy”. The program will make a copy and it will send it to QSOFT by means of FTP. The process of upload to QSOFT can take several minutes based on the data volume of its installation.

    Once finished, it must send an email to us indicating that the copy has been sent so that our technicians examine. The program opens the mail manager that it has installed by defect and it writes up a message so that you send it.

    In order to send to the technical service already existing previous copies, it presses the button “Send existing copy” and locates the copy to send.


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