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    How to start

    Default user to access the program: If this is the first time the program is being run, enter Q for the user and leave the password blank.

    user selection

    When installing QINVOICING, the user file includes a user Q with no password

    For security reasons, do not forget to enter a password for user Q once you have entered the program.
    DO NOT forget the password or delete the user without adding another user first!

    The program includes a powerful, extensive help function that you can use by pressing the Help button all screens of the application. If you prefer, there aremanuals in PDF or HTML format that can be downloaded from our website or accessed directly on the Help menu of the program.

    We recommend that you read the manual or the help sections before working with the program.

    This is not a waste of time, since a careful reading of the documentation will allow you to learn tricks and features that will help you save time and effort.

    The QINVOICING screens, options and menus are designed to be simple and user-friendly. As a result, many of the program's features are enabled or disabled in the settings. The program will display only what is used, without filling the program with data and processes that are needed in some business activities, but not used in others.

    The general options and preferences of the program, which are common for all companies, are set up in Preferences on the Settings menu.

    Options and preferences that are company-specific are set up in Company Maintenance (when you create a new company or edit an existing one).

    The program includes two sample companies: A00 (company that owns the files) and B00, a company that uses the master files of company A00. We recommend that you try out these companies first, in order to become familiar with the features of the application. Go to Company --> Open to work with the sample companies.


    We suggest you follow the following steps to start:

    1. Go to Preferences on the Settings menu to define your general and industry-specific preferences for the program and to define the unique terminology and characteristics of your country.

    2. Add a company and define preferences that specific for its activity and operation.

    3. Open the company you want to work with (Company --> Open or Company --> Maintenance --> Open).

    4. Add the tax classes

    From this point on, the order does not matter since the program will allow you to access the master file maintenance whenever any data are required in a file.
    However, it is important to first plan the product categories, customer groups and cost and purchase groups before starting to add products, customers and suppliers.
    Do not forget to enter the initial inventory levels if the company has inventory control enabled. To enter the initial inventory, go to the file for warehouse operations.


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