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    Using barcodes


    You can use barcodes in two different ways:

    - The article code

    To use bar codes that already come with the product, adding the article, go on the field code of the article and read its bar code. Use this code as a code of the article.

    You can also use your own coding articles and issue tags with bar code corresponding to their codes. You can print labels with the kind of bar code to select its format labels.

    To change the type of bar code by default (Code 39), create a new format for labels with the form designer, check the field "bar code article" and press F11 (properties). Select the type of bar code in the drop-down "type." Keep in mind that some types of bar codes only admit fixed numbers and lengths are therefore recommend using Code39 or Code39 extended since admitted alphanumeric characters of any length.

    Once products labeled with bar codes, only to make a sale must be placed in column code article introducing codes and go through the bar code reader. The program will read the articles and calculating figures.


    - Using the serial number

    The system of serial numbers helps control the articles through a unique serial number independent of the article code (ex. electronics articles) encoded barcode. When buying items are labeled with a serial number or auto generated using the already come with the product labeling. By selling items is scanned the serial number with a barcode reader and the program locates the article in question.

    To activate this system will Configuration-> Preferences> Billing tab and check "use serial number." It incorporates a column to enter the serial number on the lines of the detailed budgets, orders, delivery notes and invoices to customers and orders, delivery notes and invoices from suppliers.

    When working with the system of serial numbers, each line of detail of purchases or sales must include a single product with its serial number.

    The operating system serial numbers is as follows:

    By adding a delivery note or a purchase invoice data from taking an order to the supplier, the program detailed breakdown putting many lines as units have been ordered. For example, when asked 3 articles A, a breakdown as 1 product A, 1 productA and 1 Rule A. In this way you can bring the unique serial number for each product, either manually or using barcode reader.

    Pressing record self-generated serial numbers for those items whose column serial number and have this blank sheet in his article 'Generate serial number marking. Therefore you must first dial the articles in this field (File-> Products-> Edit) who wants to be self-generated serial number.

    Once generated serial numbers are printed on the labels that have been generated. If we must re-print, you can do so at List-> Products-> Tags for delivery notes and purchase invoices labels.

    In a Company-> Maintenance-> Edit-> Preferences tab, you can put the name of formatting tags to be used and mark the "print labels articles on high" and "just print labels with serial numbers generated car." The number indicates the number of copies of each label to be printed. Put 1 in order to print a label for each item.

    The serial number is a self-generated serial number that is taken from the company numbering. You can change the number in Configuration-> Numbering Company. For example if you want to start with the 10000 should indicate last number: 9999.

    In sales invoices and delivery notes, it can work only by entering the serial number (either manually or using barcode reader). The program seeks article to which it belongs and fills the entire line and calculates automatically. You can also introduce the article and serial number. Then the program verifies that the serial number corresponds to article warning if no matches. If the serial number does not exist in purchases, but leaves the program warns proceed with the sale. Then we must see what has happened with this serial number and fix it.

    To view the moves (sales and purchases) of a serial number must be given to List-> Products-> Movements by serial number.


    In both cases will save a lot of time if the field is marked "Put units = 1 default" Configuration-> Preferences> Tab billing as only will be placed on the column of the code of the article (or a serial number) and read bar codes and that the units will automatically 1.


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