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    Products and Services Manager

    This section contains data on the company's products and/or services.

    There is a product or service file for each company that owns master files.

    Any companies that use the master files of another company do not have this file in their directory. When this option is selected in a company that uses the master files of another company, the file maintenance of the owner company is accessed.

    In addition to the general maintenance options, the following special features are also available:

    Maintenance screen:

    product maintenance

    QUICK EDIT button. This option gives you a shortcut to the product file. This is extremely useful when duplicating or changing data in various products.

    product maintenace

    OSCOMMERCE button. This option gives you a shortcut to the osCommerce edit panel of the selected product, which lets you easily update any data that does not exist in the invoicing program.

    Move long product descriptions. If an HTML or RTF editor is installed to edit long product descriptions, these descriptions cannot be imported. The QINVOICING management software accepts plain text and html tags in the long product descriptions, but not certain control codes that use these editors. This may lead to errors when the data are imported.

    In this case, disable this option from the osCommerce Transfer Settings screen . Changes in long descriptions must be made by the shop manager using the editor installed. The Shop Update program does not transfer QINVOICING long descriptions and will keep the existing ones in osCommerce.

    To enable and show this button, the osCommerce integration module must be installed and set up with the QINVOICING management program.

    ACCESS: You will be able to access records using the following fields:

    • Product or service code
    • Product or service description
    • Category

    Find Substring button. This process allows you to search for a product with a description that contains a specific string. For example, if you enter the word 'hours' in the search string, then all the products with this word in the description will be displayed.


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