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    Packing Slips Manager

    This option contains the packing slips issued by the company.
    The term "packing slip" is used to refer to shipping documents, what is known in some countries as a dispatch slip, shipping slip, shipping note, etc. This term can be changed to the one used in your country in Preferences on the Settings menu.

    There is a packing slip file for each company.

    In addition to the general maintenance options, the following special features are also available:

    Maintenance screen:

    ACCESS: You will be able to access records using the following fields:

    • Packing slip number
    • Packing slip date
    • Customer name
    • Invoice number if invoiced

    Packing slips that have already been invoiced cannot be changed or cancelled. To do this, the packing slip should first be removed from the invoice that contains them through the invoice changes.

    Cancel button: This automatically generates a new packing slip similar to the one selected, but negative (credit).

    Customer suite button: This gives you access to the customer suite of the packing slip you have selected.

    Amount button: This allows you to search by amount, selecting packing slips in which the selection field (total, bases, discount amount, etc.) is between the values you specify.


    packing slips

    When you add packing slips, there are two buttons to automatically transfer data from quotes or orders. When pressed, a search window is displayed with all pending (undelivered or partially delivered) quotes or orders.

    When selecting a quote , the program automatically transfers all the data to the packing slip being added and asks the user if the quote should be marked as delivered when saving the packing slip.

    When selecting an order, the program automatically transfers the units pending delivery (ordered units - delivered units) to the packing slip being added. When saving the packing slip, the program automatically accumulates the units included in the packing slip in the Delivered Units field of the order detail. If all products are delivered (ordered units = delivered units), the order is automatically marked as delivered.

    The relationship between the units delivered for an order and the units delivered on a packing slip is maintained in deletions and changes: if a packing slip is deleted from an order, the number of units delivered will be subtracted from the order. If changed, the number of units delivered earlier will be subtracted and the new ones will be carried forward.


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