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    Supplier Packing Slip File Fields


    Detail screen:

    LINKS TO OTHER FILES: The Add and Edit options will allow you to access (using the Find buttons or the F4 key in fields that allow it) maintenance for the following:

    • Supplier code


    Packing slip number. The value of this field is unique to the whole file. A record with an existing code cannot be added in the Add option. These codes can be numbered automatically. Refer to Numbering.

    Packing slip date: The default date is the date when the quote was added. Press F4 or double-click to display the calendar.


    Invoiced in (purchase) . When you create a cost and purchase invoice by invoicing according to packing slip, then the packing slip is marked with the number of the invoice issued.

    Warehouse: If the company has inventory control enabled, then you will be asked to enter the warehouse where the products exist. This may be any warehouse existing in the company's warehouse file. The default value is warehouse=0, which corresponds to the main warehouse.

    Supplier code: By default, the program uses the supplier data , but this can be changed on each packing slip.

    The supplier reference is taken by default from the supplier, but this can be changed on each packing slip.

    By default, the Tax Free and Tax 2 fields are taken from those indicated for the supplier, but this can be changed on each packing slip.

    Discounts: Packing slip have two types of discounts:

    • Discount per line: This is applied to each product, service or detail line. Any discount % or amount can be entered and may be different for each line. The program calculates this according to the discount base and subtracts it, putting the result in the amount field with the discount already calculated. This percentage is used as the product default.
    • General discount: This is applied to all products with the General Discount field = Y, with the amount field used as the discount base (this field may include line discounts). The percentage applied is the same for all products and is put in the Product Discount field of the product. This percentage is used as the customer default, but may be changed for each order.

    Manual amount calculation. Enable this box to enter the amounts manually when the rounding on the supplier invoice does not match the program rounding. Although any amount is allowed, it does check that the total is the sum of the tax bases and taxes.

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