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    For easier company staff organization, the QINVOICING management software includes an electronic appointment book for each user that has been added in the program user file.

    The information is divided into:

    Appointments: Information on procedures to be done on a specific day and time For example: Meeting on 3 December with customer XXXXX at 10:30 a.m.

    Reminders: Procedures to be done as of a specific day. The reminders are pending until they are reviewed. For example: Deposit drafts in the bank. If you enter a reminder with today's date, then this will be displayed as pending every day until it is reviewed. The reminders can be combined into different topics and can be shown in the appointment book.


    Appointment book: This shows the appointments for the day, along with any pending reminders. Generic reminders (not belonging to any specific subject) and subject-specific reminders can be displayed by using the View field in enabled reminders).

    Reminder: This displays the reminders sorted by topic. Pending reminders are shown by default. You can select from among pending, reviewed or all.

    Find: This allows you to search for appointments and reminders with a specific string in any position.

    Topics: This allows you to add new topics to combine the reminders. Enable or disable the Show in Agenda field so that reminders of this topic appear in the address book.

    Birthdays: Enter the day and month of any birthday or anniversary. When you enter the appointment book, the program will automatically notify you of any birthdays or anniversaries for the current day and the next 2 days (user-defined in Preferences).

    Addresses: This allows you to include various names and addresses.

    Preferences: This allows you to choose to open the appointment book when the program starts and the number of days beforehand that you want to be notified of birthdays and anniversaries.

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