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Prices of QINVOICING management software

Q invoicing software that links with osCommerce     

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management software oscommerce


The cost of QINVOICING depends on the version of the management software you choose: the Professional version is a purchased version and the yearly subscription is a leasing modality.



QINVOICING Price Schedule:

QINVOICING management software Professional v. Yearly Subscription v.
Upgrade service (yearly) yes yes
osCommerce integration program yes yes
Licenses for network users 3 1
E-mail support service (annual) yes yes

First year  Limited Offer  900 $ 
595.00 $
 Limited Offer  400 $ 
250.00 $
Following years    155.00 $ * 250.00 $
Price for additional licenses for network users 60.00 $ 100.00 $
Price for Upgrade service (yearly) to additional licenses for network users 30.00 $ 100.00 $

(*) The annual price includes: the update service to new versions and the e-mail support service that provides unlimited support from our technical department.


Data import service and initial setups of management software for existing osCommerce shops 120.00 $


  May be you probably think that the price is too high.


However, the repayment of an investment, like this software purchase, can be determined by the benefits it provides and how these benefits decrease the cost of the investment over the time.

In addition to the benefits, a computer tool like this may give you in terms of management and organization activities, with QINVOICING, the time you can save by not having to duplicate the database (Products, manufacturers, categories, Customers and orders) is economically measurable. Use this link to estimate the real savings depending on the nature of your business.

Use this calculator to see the real savings that you will have depending of the characteristics of your business.

Your virtual store is a critical application for your business . Such application is software that works without interruption 24hr a day and 7 days a week. Are you aware of the losses you may have if your virtual shop in not available? How long you could run in this situation?

Internet technology is moving faster every day. New versions, new products and updates are appearing daily to improve safety, speed and performance of the systems.

In most of the cases, changes do not depend on us and we do not aware even how such changes are going to affect us. Windows and web server security updates, engines databases (mySOL) new versions, changes in the language (PHP) or access HTTP or FTP server, or any change in the general configuration of those components may cause the system ceases to function or does so incorrectly and have to be updated to adapt to the new changes.

All these risk issues must be taken into account in order to resolve any related incident in a quick and efficient way.

For that reason, QINVOICING includes a support service and updates . Obviously, such service has a cost, but things only work when there is enough economic resources to do so.

You may probably find cheaper solutions, in fact there are many companies that offer the program and all the services at lower prices in order to persuade you to buy their product. But, be careful, do you believe it is possible to provide technical assistance services and unlimited free upgrades without charging anything in return? What will happen the day you need technical support?

Pay with PayPal your management software osCommerce. Pay with credit card your management software osCommerce.
Place your order on our secure server.



Immediately after the order is placed, you will automatically be e-mailed a copy of the order you placed and the serial number for the product requested, along with instructions on how to enter it in QINVOICING demo version so you can work with the program.

management software osCommerce warranty

REMEMBER! We provide a full warranty for the purchase: if you are not satisfied with the management software in 30 days, we will refund the money you have paid and you can keep all the gifts.

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