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FAQ of Invoicing Software and osCommerce

Q invoicing software that links with osCommerce     

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QINVOICING is an invoicing software that integrates the invoicing of your company with the osCommerce virtual shop.

QINVOICING is an ideal invoicing software for small and medium-sized companies, businesses and professionals that includes e-commerce as another facet of the firm's business.
Invoicing software oscommerce

This application allows you to quickly and efficiently manage price quotes, orders, packing slips, invoices, purchases, costs, receipts, regular payments, taxes, sales reps, products, services, warehouses, customers, prospects, suppliers, payments, promotions, virtual Internet shop, etc.

What is osCommerce?

osCommerce (Open Source Commerce) is an electronic web-based commerce program under GPL license that includes a highly user-definable virtual shop administered on line through an administration module. Since this application is open source, it has become the most commonly used virtual shop on the Internet.

What is QINVOICING integration with osCommerce?

Data integration between QINVOICING and osCommerce is a capability of the invoicing software that integrates the two applications by automating the upload processes for the virtual shop with the products and categories of the invoicing program and directly collecting the data of orders placed in the osCommerce virtual shop from the QINVOICING files.

Integration will avoid manual duplication of the database, thus making the system faster and more reliable.

With which osCommerce versions QINVOICING is running?

QINVOICING offer full capability for running with osCommerce version 2.2 ms2. The open architecture of this invoicing software allows it to be used in virtual shops that have installed contributions or changes that do not lead to substantial changes in the data layout within the database.

Because there are a number of existing modules, adaptations and contributions, the best way to test the invoicing software is to try it with the demo version of the product.

If you have installed any modules, adaptations or special contributions that would hinder operation of the integration program, please contact us so we can determine how it should be adapted.


Does QINVOICING work with zen-Cart and CRE loaded?

Zen Cart and CRE Loaded are based on osCommerce, but include a series of added features and improvements that can enhance shop operation substantially.

You should be able to use QINVOICING for both zen Cart and CRE Loaded, although several adaptations should be made, depending on how you use these contributions in your shop.

Please contact us so we can determine the best way to adapt this.

What do I need to install the osCommerce virtual shop??

To install osCommerce, you will need a domain and a hosting site that has php and a mySQL database.


I already have an osCommerce shop in operation. How can products be transferred to QINVOICING?

If you already have a shop in operation, you can automatically import all products, categories and manufacturers with the respective descriptions, prices and photographs existing in osCommerce to the files of the QINVOICING invoicing program, using the data import process it includes .


How much does osCommerce cost?

The osCommerce application is free. The osCommerce application, installation instructions, contributions, manuals, and the information on this open source tool can be found at the official osCommerce website: http://www.oscommerce.com/

What do I need to be able to work with the integrated QINVOICING program and the osCommerce virtual shop?

In order to work with the program that transfers QINVOICING data to osCommerce, you must have the complete QINVOICING software (Professional Version or Yearly Subscription). The entire system runs automatically from the invoicing software, which means nothing needs to be installed in the osCommerce shop.

No special technical requirements are needed on the hosting site. The integration program works with any settings allowed by the installed version of osCommerce.

You do not need to contract a hosting site with QSOFT: you can use the most convenient supplier for you.


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Immediately after the order is placed, you will automatically be e-mailed a copy of the order you placed and the serial number for the product requested, along with instructions on how to enter it in QINVOICING demo version so you can work with the program.

invoicing software osCommerce warranty

REMEMBER! We provide a full warranty for the purchase: if you are not satisfied with the invoicing software in 30 days, we will refund the money you have paid and you can keep all the gifts.

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