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PDF Printer

free PDF printer

A PDF printer is a program installed in your computer as if it were a printer, thus allowing the user to print anything (lists, reports, documents, invoices, etc.) from any program by sending to the PDF printer. This printer generates one file in PDF format that contains the printed document that can then be sent as an e-mail attachment.

The PDF format (portable document format) is a standard format to view and print documents. The program most commonly used to read PDF files is Adobe Reader. Some Internet browsers already include the PDF reader. There are readers for many platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Pocket PC, etc., making it possible to view and print regardless of the recipient's operating system or computer.

To find out if you have the PDF reader installed, click here. If you cannot see the file, you do not have the PDF file reader.

You can download the free version at: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html



This application is called PDFCreator and can be downloaded directly from here. Save these three files in an empty folder (you can create a folder called PDFCreator in My Documents and save it there) or run it directly.

- PDFcreatorsetup_0_7_1.exe

Runs PDFcreatorsetup_0_7_1.exe and continue the installation instructions.

This will create a new printer called PDFCreator.

By default, it is installed in the folder: C:\Program Files\PDFCreator.

Click on the PDFCreator icon on the desktop or go to Start --> Programs --> PDFCreator to change the printer settings.


free PDF printer language settings

To test this, go to any program that has a report option, generate a report and select the PDFCreator printer to print it.

PDFCreator will ask you for the filename, author (optional) and creation date. Click on the Save button. You will be asked for the folder where you want to save the PDF file. If you checked "Open the Document after Saving", it will open with the program you have assigned to PDF files.

It is often more convenient for PDF files to be automatically generated in a specific folder without entering the filename and folder every time.

To do this, go to Options --> Program --> Autosave. Check Use Autosave and choose the folder where you want all the PDFs to be generated. This adds <Title><DateTime> to the filename so that the name is the document title and the date and hour when it was printed. This will prevent duplicate files when overwriting.


free PDF printer options       

 free PDF printer auto-save settings

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