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Download free screenshot

The screenshot program is a small application that allows you to extract a screenshot or a screen or window fragment simply and quickly.

We acquired this software with resale rights sometime ago and have decided to give it away to all our visitors.

You can download the program from: http://www.qinvoicing.com/screenshot/Screen_Shoot_It.exe

No installation is required. You will only have to copy it to the desktop or into another folder and run it by double-clicking whenever needed.

When the screenshot program runs, the following window will appear:

Free screenshot program interface

The program takes a shot of the screen, window or selection made and saves it in a JPEG file with the name indicated (saved to the desktop by default).

Free screenshot program save file


You only have to establish the options to save and capture (the entire screen, the active window, or a selection) and click on Screenshot to save the file.

If you only want to make one selection, an x-shaped cursor will appear. To select the part of the screen you want, move the cursor to the area to be selected and click the left button of the mouse, dragging until the desired part is obtained. Release the button to save the file.

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