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Invoicing & oscommerce affiliate program

Q invoicing software that links with osCommerce     

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What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a person who promotes our products on its website, blog, publications, etc, in exchange for a commission for purchases we make in their pages (visitors who sends our website) and fixed charges for each download of the demo version of our invoicing software.

The affiliate does not sell our products or service how would you do a distributor or seller. Quite simply being promoted its website or blog advertisements, commodities, evaluations, banners, etc. Us will give the advertisements to you, so that the work of the affiliate is reduced to promote, so it is a very profitable. You do not have to pick up the commands, collected, serve the product or give after-sales service.

Getting Started As Affiliate

The affiliate register in our free affiliate program

Once register, us will provide the advertisements : text, banners, etc. and put this elements (by copying and pasting) where you wants do the promotion.

All this material has a link that leads to our website. This link also includes the affiliate code who has the banner. For example http://www.qivoicing.com/?a_id=xxxx.

When someone click on the link or the banner that has put the affiliate, going to our website and is recorded by a cookie as recommended by the affiliate X (in this case for the affiliate xxxx)

A cookie is a file that is saved on the computer and includes visitor information given by a particular website. When we visit a website, our navigator, check if there is any cookie saved on our computer that corresponds to this site and if so, pass information contained in the web page. The cookies are commonly used to save preferences or peculiarity user as the preferred language, etc.

If there is a visitor to our website, which has been recommended by a affiliate, when return to our website either directly or from a site other than the original, we will know by the cookie that is part from the affiliate, if in a some visits make a purchase or download the demo version of invoicing software, we assign automatically the commission agreed by the affiliate.

This not only. For increase the promotional effect and the interest of the affiliate's catchments, QSOFT offers two levels of commissions, so that if a recommended affiliate convert in affiliate, will be sub-affiliate the first. The first affiliate becomes the commissions of purchases of its recommended and rather than make the recommended its sub-affiliates.

For example: the affiliate A sends the person B, which decided to become affiliated and promote our products. The affiliate B becomes sub-affiliate of affiliate A. The affiliate B recommended that we send a purchase valued at $ 500. The affiliate B charges a commission of 30% ($ 150 and also a affiliate A commission charged on the purchase 50% ($ 90) that has make a sub-affiliate yours.

Where can I sign up?

If you are interested in becoming a affiliate and promote our products and receive revenue adicionals, click here to register free


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