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Invoicing & oscommerce affiliate program FAQ

Q invoicing software that links with osCommerce     

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How much participate in the affiliate program?

Absolutely nothing. Participates in the affiliate program of QSOFT is free. You can register by clicking here

What are their requirements for participating in the affiliate program?

The requirements for participation are as simple as having a web, blog or a website where promote links and/or banner proposed. You can be promoted through an electronic bulletin; this is in fact the faster to generate income and sub-affiliates.

Difference between affiliate and distributor?

A distributor sell our products to their customers, whereby thing is to buy a discount for subsequent resale.
An affiliate earn money by promoting our productors and getting a commission for purchases and downloads of evaluation software which they visitors (visitors who come on their part)

Can I be a distributor and affiliate at the same time?

Yes, there is no problem in being a distributor and partner at the same time.

In addition to making money with the profit from the sale of our products, you can make money with the promotion and downloads of our evaluation software.

How score my sales as an affiliate?

By joining the affiliate program of QSOFT receive a unique ID number and an affiliated special web address (URL) of entry to our website.

When someone access our web through your URL affiliate, recording a cookie to visitor's computer with your ID associate. This cookie is save for 6 months and can not be replaced by another ID affiliate.

Every time someone makes a purchase or download software evaluation on our website, read the cookie to determine the affiliate who referred and are charged commissions affiliated automatically. Therefore, if this visitor purchase or download the software for evaluation at any time within this period of six months, will receive commission from the sale.

That is the minimum recovery?

For questions and administration costs, receipts are issued to all participants that exceed $300 in commissions on your account at the end of the month

You have to bear in mind that for the first payment the minimum is $ 350

What happens if some months my commissions do not exceed the minimum amount?

The balance of your account is inspection the last day of the month. If your commission on this day is less than $ 300 is accumulate to the next payment of the next month. The subtracted money in your account until they generate commissions minimum of $ 300

You have to bear in mind that for the first payment the minimum is $ 350

When recovery?

The affiliate payment is issued only once since the end of the month.
For example, if at the end of October, your stock is 400$, the payment of 400$ will be issued the day on November 30.

How recovery?
The payment is made through PayPal. If you still do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up for free at www.paypal.com

QSOFT provides the marketing materials that I can use?

Yes, your partner ID is added automatically in all advertisement we have in reserve for promoted our products.
We provide a wide range of advertisements, banners, email letter, advertisements, pop-ups, text links, images and "boxes virtual" products.

A more over, teaching as placing them on your site so you can start with bandages immediate after registering

Can I create my own ads to promote your products?
Yes, you can promote our products with all sorts of ads you can imagine (less spam).
If you decide to create your own ads, we can help you get your ID associated them special to be credited your bandages.

Where can I sign up?

If you are interested in becoming our affiliate, and promote our products with additional revenue, press here to sign up free.


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