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QINVOICING Management Program Upgrades

If you have QINVOICING management program version 10 installed or have contracted the upgrade service or yearly subscription (lease), you can upgrade to version 10.21 free of charge.

In other cases, the upgrade program will ask you for the version 10 serial number before the upgrade. We will give you this serial number when the order for the new version is placed.

To find out the current version of your management program, go to the QINVOICING main menu and select Help and then About QINVOICING.


UPDATE Installation Notes for Version 10.21:

  • IMPORTANT: Before installing the update, you should make backup copies of your management program.

  • Click here to Run or Save QINVOICING_UPDATE.EXE which has 4.333 Kb (upgrade auto-unzip file for QINVOICING management program version 10.21 which keeps all existing data).

  • Once downloaded, run the QINVOICING_UPDATE.EXE executable file and click on the Start button to unzip the files it contains and install the changes.

  • The program will ask for the name of the directory or folder where the QINVOICING management program is installed. Select the folder and press install.

  • It then checks to see if there is enough space on the disk to make a copy of the management program. Unless this has been done earlier, click YES to make the copy before doing the upgrade.

  • Once the copy has been made, the data and management program will be upgraded to the new version.

  • The first time you enter in the management program again, the database will be optimized and the files will be reindexed.

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