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Invoice software and osCommerce

Q invoicing software that links with osCommerce     

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Invoicing Software osCommerceQINVOICING Invoicing Software

QINVOICING is an invoicing application that includes Internet sales as another facet of the firm's business, integrating the sales processes of virtual shops into the daily management of the business.

In most cases, any party that sells its products on the Internet using a virtual shop should also have an invoicing program to control the off-line part of the business (shops, warehouses, sales reps, costs and expenses, etc.) and meet its tax obligations (tax returns, official ledgers, etc.).

This invoicing software already contains the data for the products, references, descriptions, rates and discounts needed for traditional sales, but in the case of Internet operations, the information must be hosted on a web server and available on-line 24 hours a day.

OsCommerce is a superb e-commerce application for managing an entire virtual Internet shop. However, if not integrated with the company's invoicing software, all product data must be duplicated by entering it again into the respective database.


To fill in the osCommerce shop, it is necessary to manually re-enter the product data (already in the invoicing software database) on the web forms used to administer the shop. It is well known that manual data entry through web applications with a browser is very slow and exasperating, in comparison to the speed and possibilities achieved by programs that run a local computer or network.

In practice, this approach toward filling in the osCommerce shop by duplicating the data already contained in the invoicing software is exceedingly tedious and rather inefficient. Because of the difficulty and administrative cost of maintaining two databases with the same information, this is only recommended for virtual shops with a limited number of products and orders.

QINVOICING includes an automatic link for the invoicing database with osCommerce, thus solving the problems that might arise with keeping duplicate systems.


How does it work?

The operation is very simple, but very fast and efficient:

The entry of data on the products, categories, prices, photographs, etc. and the respective maintenance (changes in rates, additions of new products for sale, withdrawal of others that have a low inventory or are out-of-stock, changes in descriptions or photographs, etc.) this is done using the QINVOICING invoicing software database. Therefore, these changes are already available for the normal activity of the company.

The shop update process automatically fills in the web server database where the osCommerce shop is installed, using the articles marked for Internet sale. This enhances the speed and reliability of the system (preventing errors from duplicating the data, prices, etc.).

This is not a simple data copy, but rather a selective process capable of updating the shop by maintaining the existing statistical information (visits according to product, customer notes, best-selling products in the shop, etc.) and everything else only saved in the osCommerce database.

All data transfer processes between QINVOICING and osCommerce are done with utmost security. Whenever a transfer process is run, the program sets automatic restore points, if for any reason there is an interruption in the transfer process for any reason (connection problems, setting errors, etc.), the program detects abnormal termination in the previous process when it is rerun and automatically restores any changed data in osCommerce, leaving it exactly the way it was before the abnormal process started.

Additionally, when customers place their orders in the virtual shop, the Order Collection process automatically downloads the customer data and pending orders for processing to the QINVOICING database, leaving it ready to issue packing slips or invoices.

For shops that are already running, the automatic data import process can be used to fill in the invoicing program files with the existing products and categories for the shop.

Moreover, the QINVOICING invoicing software has a capability that enhances shop management: an osCommerce button which is in maintenance for products, categories and manufacturers automatically opens editing of the product selected in QINVOICING for the osCommerce administrator.

The benefits obtained from integration between the two programs are impressive, with these processes being fast, reliable, convenient, secure and automatic.

Invoicing management software osCommerce


  • QINVOICING Professional. This is a purchase version that includes three licenses for simultaneous network users.
  • QINVOICING Subscription. This is an annual lease version that includes a license for one user in a network.

  • The demo version is a test. option that includes the entire program with all the features available, except for print capabilities. The number of products and orders that can be imported or uploaded to the osCommerce shop is limited. All data entered in this version are kept when acquiring any QINVOICING modality.
Basic management
Program access by user name and password (user-definable)
User-definable skins
Backup copies
Industry settings for shipping companies
Industry settings for construction companies
Capability to share master files
Possibility to assign different print formats to each company
Year-end close with automatic data transfer
Packing slips
Supplier orders
Supplier packing slips
Costs and purchases
Electronic planner
Sales reps. Payment of sales commissions
Form designer
Multicurrency system
Invoicing using templates and regular payments
Multiuser (networks) and security
User-definable lists
Labels, personalized letters, and files in Word or any other word processor
Report on products from one or more companies (inventory)
Report on product transactions for one or more companies
Direct debit for receipts
E-mailing (mass e-mailing)
Promotion system
Generation of reports in PDF and RTF format (MS Word)
Import the products, categories and manufacturers from osCommerce shops
Import data is included in Q invoicing osCommerce manager
Import data is included in Q invoicing osCommerce manager
Automatic populate osCommerce shop with QINVOICING products
Automatic populate is included in Q invoicing osCommerce manager
Automatic populate is included in Q invoicing osCommerce manager
Automatic download of orders and customer data from osCommerce to QINVOICING
Download data is included in Q invoicing osCommerce manager
Download data is included in Q invoicing osCommerce manager
Update to new versions
Multiuser (network connection)
Initial licenses for users

First year  Limited Offer  900 $ 
595.00 $
 Limited Offer  400 $ 
250.00 $
Following years 155.00 $ 250.00 $
Price for additional licenses for network users 60.00 $ 100.00 $
Price for Upgrade service (yearly) to additional licenses for network users 30.00 $ 100.00 $

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QINVOICING Invoicing Software, awarded with 5/5 stars by www.download25.com QINVOICING Invoicing Software, awarded with 5/5 stars by www.daolnwod.com QInvoicing Best Windows Vista Award QINVOICING Invoicing Software, awarded with 5/5 points by www.downloadready.com



Immediately after the order is placed, you will automatically be e-mailed a copy of the order you placed and the serial number for the product requested, along with instructions on how to enter it in QINVOICING demo version so you can work with the program.

invoicing software osCommerce

REMEMBER! We provide a full warranty for the purchase: if you are not satisfied with the invoicing software in 30 days, we will refund the money you have paid and you can keep all the gifts.

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